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Aluminum Alloy Mini Pile: Geolink

Geolink is a helical-shaped aluminum alloy micro pile developed as a complementary product for strengthening of structures. Specially designed surface texture exhibits high adherence and load bearing properties. Application steps that allow fast application do not require extra excavation-backfilling, reducing the strengthening costs.

Geolink having has 60mm and 100mm diameter options is manufactured in 1-meter-long pieces. One end of these pieces is female, the other end is male thread, and can be used as a longer pile, easily added to the end if required. 

The main areas of usage of Geolink are as follows:
- Transfer of loads from structure foundations to a deeper and more stable soil layer with the help of piles.
- Significant increase on the tensile load bearing capacity of the foundations with the help of piles.
- Stabilization of retaining walls.
- Strengthening of the masonry walls by anchoring them to ground from one or two directions.
- Reinforcement of reinforced concrete walls or structural elements by anchoring them to the ground from one or two directions.
- Strengthening of reinforced concrete foundations by enlarging their sections with additional piles.
- Strengthening of steel structures foundations.
- Strengthening of the foundations of windmills, pumps, pipelines, transmission towers by increasing their load bearing capacity.