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Mechanical Anchors
Connector V1

Ribbed Bar with Adherence Fibres

Connector V1 is a ribbed bar with adherence fibers manufactured as a complementary product in strengthening applications. Its specially developed surface texture exhibits high adherence and load bearing characteristics.

Areas of Usage
  • Strengthening of historical and reinforced concrete structures with textile reinforcement.
  • Masonry walls.
  • Vaults and domes.
  • Strengthening applications of reinforced concrete structures with carbon fabric.
  • Strengthening of reinforced concrete slabs with textile reinforcement.
  • It exhibits perfect harmony with the textile reinforcement it is used with.
  • It allows small deformations meeting the elastic behavior of the structure.
  • It is ready to use, it saves time from anchor preparation processes reducing labor thanks to its special design.
  • Its special structure enables fast application which reduces workmanship.
Tecnical Features
Specifications Ø6 Bar Ø8 Bar Ø10 Bar Ø12 Bar
Reinforcement Cross-sectional Area 12,57 mm2 28,27 mm2 50,27 mm2 78,54 mm2
Ultimate Tensile Load 1,86 kN 4,21 kN 7,48 kN 11,86 kN
Failure Strain 1,00 % 1,00 % 1,00 % 1,00 %
Ultimate Tensile Strength 148,01 MPa 148,90 MPa 148,90 MPa 151,04 MPa
Elasticity Modulus 14,80 GPa 14,89 GPa 14,89 GPa 15,10 GPa
Axial Tensile Stiffness 930 kN/m 2105 kN/m 3742 kN/m 5931 kN/m
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