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Epoxy Based Strengthening Products

Two-Components Solvent-Free Epoxy-Based Resin

EPX FRP is a two-component, solvent-free, epoxy-based resin which is used to apply ticm Carbon Fabric to concrete / timber structural elements for strengthening purposes.

A + B 30 Kilograms Package
Application Details
  • The ambient temperature should be between 15-30°C during the application.
  • Prior to the application of EPX FRP, the surface of the structural elements (beam, column, etc.) should be free of debris, all cracks should be repaired with ticm RPM 40. At debut, ticm EPX Primer should be applied to the surface, then EPX FRP, after that ticm Carbon Fabric should be placed over the surface.
  • If a plaster layer needs to be installed on top, the adherence may be improved with the usage of quartz with EPX FRP.
  • The consumption rate may vary depending on the surface conditions.
Areas of Usage
  • Together with ticm Carbon Fabric, strengthening of buildings, reinforcing structural elements, improving the earthquake performance by providing an enhancement on the load bearing capacity.
  • Damaged structures, old reinforced concrete buildings where the steel bars are getting corroded.
  • Usage of the carbon fabric with epoxy resin is a traditional way of strengthening the buildings, bridges, domes and other structures due to carbon’s naturally high durability characteristics and strength.
Technical Features
Specifications EPX FRP
Color Gray
Density 1,22 g/cm3
Viscosity (@23°C) 500 ± 25 mPas
Operable Time (@23°C, 100ml) 180 ± 60 min
Touch Dry Time 24 hours
Curing Time (@23°C, %55 RH) 7 days
Tensile Strength > 65 MPa
Bending Strength > 100 MPa
HDT 75-80°C
Shore-D Hardness 89
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