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Aluminum Alloy Mini Pile

Geolink is a helical-shaped aluminum alloy micro pile developed as a complementary product in strengthening of structures. Thanks to specially designed surface texture, it exhibits high adherence and load bearing characteristics. Its quick application steps require no additional excavation or backfilling; thus, reducing the labor costs of strengthening.

Areas of Usage
  • Extending the existing foundations.
  • Stabilization of retaining walls.
  • Strengthening applications of concrete foundations.
  • Structure foundations which do not require excavation-backfilling such as prefabricated building foundations, steel towers etc.
  • It creates a greater friction comparing with conventional tubular piles.
  • Its special helical shape gradually screws itself into the ground during installation and ensures a supporting force in all directions.
  • It is ready to use. It comes in 1000 mm segments with a threaded rod in one end and an internal thread on the other end; therefore, its length can be extended.
  • It is used without requiring excavation or backfilling for the strengthening of the foundations with difficult access.
Technical Features
Specifications Geolink
Material Aluminium Alloy AlSi7Mg0,3
Norm DIN975
Shape Helical
Diameter 60 mm, 100 mm
Lenght In 1000 mm segments
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