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Cement Based Products

High Strength Grout Mortar With Cement Based

Grout is a cement based, one-component, silica fume and polymer modified high strength grout mortar. (EN 1504-3 / R4)

25 KG kraft bags.
General Characteristics
  • Application thickness is 2-100 mm. Steel fibers may be added for thicker applications.
  • Fully serviceable after 7 days.
  • Application temperature is between +5°C and +35°C.
  • Service temperature is between -10°C and +80°C.
  • If a higher strength is required than the stated values, 6-13mm steel fibers may be added to the mixture.
Areas of Usage
  • Anchoring of machinery-equipment foundations.
  • Concrete-steel connections.
  • Repair of segregated reinforced concrete elements.
  • Fixing of anchors and post-installed connections.
  • Filling of diamond core drills or tie-rod gaps.
Technical Features
Specifications Standart Grout
Compressive Strength– MPa EN 12190 28 Days: 90
Flexural Strength – MPa EN 196-1 28 Days: 13
Wear Resistance – cm³/50 cm² EN 13892-3 5.4 – 5.7
Heat Resistance - C˚ - 250
Fire Classification EN13501-1 A1
Density – kg/m³ EN 12190 2400
Freeze-Thaw Resistance– kg/m² CEN TS 12390-9 <0.08
Water Permeability DIN 1048 Water Penetration < 1 mm
Setting Time –hours- EN 196-3 5
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