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Hibritex 4D

High Performance Hybrid Historic Building Strengthening Textile

Hibritex 4D is a high strength historical structure strengthening textile manufactured from alkali resistant glass fibers in four directions with polypropylene (PP) filling.

1,25 x 30m Rolls
General Characteristics
  • Specially developed for historical structures.
  • Glass fibers in four directions (0°, 60°, 90°, 120°).
  • High tensile strength.
  • High ductility in all directions and optimum load transfer thanks to diamond-shaped cellular PP yarns.
  • High durability characteristics.
  • Removable without damaging the structure.
  • Perfect absorption of seismic loads coming from different directions thanks to its fibers in four directions.
  • Easy to use, reduces workmanship.
  • Resistant to alkali environment of the mortars due to its ZrO2 content.
  • Perfect harmony with strengthening mortars.
  • High adherence properties with special reactive coating.
Areas of Usage
  • Strengthening of historical masonry structures.
  • Reinforcing of masonry elements.
  • Repair and strengthening applications of structural elements under load.
  • Increasing the load bearing capacity of the structural elements such as column, beam, shear wall and load-bearing wall.
  • Strengthening of reinforced concrete slabs.
  • Strengthening of vaults, domes, or arcs.
Technical Features
Specifications Hibritex 4D
Fiber Type AR Glass + Polypropylen
Coating Type VAM + Etylhene
Nominal weight(g/m2) 330
Coating Weight (g/m2) 45
Aperture Ratio % ~70
Thickness (mm) 1,20
Roll Dimensions 1,25m X 30m
Fiber Orientation 0°,60°,90°,120°
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