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Limecrete 401

Natural hydraulic lime based cement-free concrete mortar

Limecrete 401 is a cement-free, fine-aggregate and pozzolan added concrete mixture with the main binder of natural hydraulic lime, specially developed for historical masonry structures.

20 KG kraft bags.
General Characteristics
  • Does not contain cement.
  • Natural pozzolan added.
  • Durable against sulphate.
  • High strength.
  • High resistance against cracking.
  • High adherence with steel and FRP reinforcement.
  • Allows vapor diffusion.
  • High efflorescence resistance.
  • No harmful salts damaging historical structures
Areas of Usage
  • Addition of column, beam, shear wall etc. structural elements in historical structures.
  • Strengthening of masonry buildings.
  • Repair and strengthening of masonry foundations.
  • Repair applications of slabs.
  • Areas where cement usage is not allowed.
  • Thick jacketing applications.
  • Eco-friendly structures.
  • Areas with humidity problem.
  • Sustainable buildings as an alternative to conventional concrete.
Technical Features
Specifications Limecrete 401
Compressive Strength (MPa) (min) 28 days: 10,0 - 90 days: 16,0 - 1 year: 20,0
Aggregate size <12mm
Modulus of Elasticity 16000 N/ mm2
Dry density 2,2 g/cm3
Application temparature +5°C +35°C
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