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Cement Based Products
RPM 40

Cement Based Repair Mortar

RPM 40 is a cement based, one-component, silica fume and fiber modified repair mortar with high mechanical and durability characteristics. (EN 1504-3 / R4)

25 KG kraft bags.
General Characteristics
  • Highly thixotropic. Suitable to be used for wall and ceiling applications.
  • One component.
  • High mechanical and durability characteristics.
  • High resistance against day-night and summer-winter cycles.
  • Suitable to be applied with a trowel or spraying method.
Areas of Usage
  • Repair and strengthening of reinforced concrete elements.
  • Repair of structures exposed to ground water or sea.
  • Repair and strengthening applications of structural elements under load.
  • Surface repairs of reinforced concrete elements.
  • Protecting reinforced concrete elements from sulphate and chloride attack by creating a non-permeable surface.
Technical Features
Specifications RPM 40
Product Chemistry Cement based, highly thixotropic
Colour Grey
Compressive Strength (EN 12190) (28 Days) > 45 N/mm2
Bonding Strength (EN 1542) (Concrete) (28 Days) > 2,0 N/mm²
Modulus of Elasticity (28. Days) > 20000 N/mm²
Capillary Water Absorption (TS EN 13057) < 0,5 kg/m²min
Pot Life (+20 °C) 40 min
Fully Cured (+20 °C) 28 days
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