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TOH 303

Hydraulic Lime Based Plaster and Pointing Mortar

TOH 303 is a hydraulic lime-based plaster and pointing mortar used in repair applications of historical masonry structures. (EN 998-2 / M5)

20 KG kraft bags.
Areas of Usage
  • Repair of foundation, masonry wall, vault and arches in historical structures.
  • Pointing applications.
  • Repair of plasters.
  • Crack repair and joint strengthening with mechanical anchors in masonry elements.
  • As finishing plaster.
General Characteristics
  • Does not contain cement.
  • Natural pozzolan added.
  • Durable against sulphate.
  • High strength.
  • High resistance against cracking.
  • High bonding with the application surface.
  • Allows vapor diffusion.
  • High efflorescence resistance.
  • Cleansed of harmful salts damaging historical structures.
Technical Features
Specifications TOH 303
Compressive Strength (MPa) 28 Days :5 (M5 / EN 998-2)
Structure of the Material NHL based, thixotropic
Density of hardened mortar (EN 1015-10) Approx. 1,7 g/cm³
Application Temperature +5°C +35°C
Water Vapour Permeability μ < 35
Elasticity Modulus 16000 N/mm²
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