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Chemical Anchors

Vinlyester Based Chemical Anchor

V-500 is a vinyl ester based, two-component, styrene-free, high performance chemical anchor specially designed for the anchoring of threaded rods or reinforcing bars into concrete.

420 ml coaxial cartridges.
General Characteristics
  • Suitable to be used for structural and nonstructural connections, and post-installed anchoring.
  • Overhead / ceiling applications.
  • Usage in cracked and non-cracked concrete.
  • ETA approved performance values in C1 and C2 Seismic Categories.
  • Suitable for attachment points with small edge and axial distances.
  • Application temperature is between -5°C and +40°C.
  • Low odor due to not containing styrene.
Application Details
  • Using hammer drilling method, a hole is drilled on the base material with suitable size and embedment depth given in the technical datasheet.
  • Starting from the bottom of the hole, clean air is blown. Then the hole is cleaned with a suitable-sized brush, after that cleaned again with clean air.
  • A suitable static-mixing nozzle is attached to the cartridge and loaded into a correct dispensing tool.
  • The position of the embedment depth is marked on the anchor rod prior to injecting the chemical anchor.
  • Before injecting the mortar into the anchor hole, a minimum of three full strokes is squeezed out and discarded to have a properly mixed mortar.
  • Starting from the bottom of the hole, the mortar is filled up to approximately two-thirds of the hole without forming air bubbles.
  • Anchor rod is pushed into the hole while turning slightly until the embedment depth is reached. For overhead applications, the anchor rod should be fixed using wedges etc.
  • After full curing, the add-on parts can be installed with up to the max. torque using a torque wrench.
Technical Features
Concrete Temperature Max. Working Time Min. Curing Time
-5°C to -1°C 90 min. 6 h.
0°C to +4°C 45 min. 3 h.
+5°C to +9°C 25 min. 2 h.
+10°C to +14°C 20 min. 100 min.
+15°C to +19°C 15 min. 80 min.
+20°C to +29°C 6 min. 45 min.
+30°C to +34°C 4 min. 25 min.
+35°C to +40°C 2 min. 20 min.
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