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WR 101

Silane - Siloxane Based Water Repellent

WR 101 is a penetrating water-repellent concentrate composed of silanes-siloxanes and high-quality additives for mineral surfaces, such as masonry facades.

25 KG jerrycans.
General Characteristics
  • Sustainable due to a low solid content.
  • Water based and solvent-free.
  • Safe to handle and odorless.
  • Invisible after the application thanks to colorless structure.
  • Excellent penetration into the surface.
  • Prevents rain absorption.
  • Indirectly increases the insulation value of the building.
  • Reduces the formation of mold, mildew, and lime run.
  • UV-resistant and non-yellowing.
Areas of Usage
  • Exterior facades of masonry structures.
  • Exterior facades of reinforced concrete buildings.
  • Bridges, water structures etc. where dirt is not wanted.
  • Preventing efflorescence on masonry buildings.
  • Preventing mold on various surfaces.
Technical Features
Specifications WR 101
Content Silane/Siloxaane and Additives
Component 1
Solvent Water
Colour White
Spec. Weight ( g/cm3 ) 1,0 at +20 °C
pH Value 5,0 – 8,0 +20 °C ‘de
Usage (ml/m2) 150 - 200 ( Depending on the porosity of the substrate)
Condition Liquid
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